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Writing #Update Sept 7 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I am fighting my way through the last chapters!

What Have I Written So Far?

I am working on the last edit before sending it to Alpha readers and a Developmental Editor.

Current word count: 79 000

Chapter count: 26

Where Am I In The Story?

I am working on the end of Chapter 26. Every chapter now requires more planning, structure, and conflicts. I have to ask myself questions to move the story forward. How is the main character supposed to survive deadly challenges in a contest? How will she solve the challenges in front of her when making a mistake may lead to death or, worse, failure?

What's Left?

The story has grown again, new twists and turns have presented themselves, and some characters you may think you know may not be what they seem.

Overall, I no longer know how many chapters are left, but if I have to guess, I would say ten, or twelve, or seven.

Exciting News

I have started my search for Alpha readers, which is going really well. Two have already confirmed, and more have signed up for my newsletter. If you are interested in becoming an Alpha reader, please subscribe to my newsletter for more information.

However, it is scary to think that someone will soon read what I have spent two years writing. No matter if you are asking for constructive feedback, it is always hard to realize one's mistakes. I know. I am sure I have made many, seeing that this is my first-ever novel.

Either way, I am excited about whatever feedback I will receive.

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