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Writing #Update Sept 21 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I think I might be throwing my characters through too much trauma. Or not!

What Have I Written So Far?

I am working on the last edit before sending it to Alpha readers and a Developmental Editor.

Current word count: 86 552

Chapter count: 31

Where Am I In The Story?

I am working on the end of Chapter 31. It keeps me up at night. I am doing anything these days an idea or a question about the plot pop into my head. How do you mix extreme emotions and action without making it stagnant or repetitive? Well, that is what I am trying to find out.

What's Left?

I think I am three to four weeks away from finishing this draft. That will give me a little time to review some of the chapters before sending them to my Alpha readers. I am a little nervous, to be honest.

Exciting News

I have found Alpha readers. But it is always lovely with more feedback. If interested in becoming an Alpha reader, please subscribe to my newsletter for more information.

Other exciting news, I am only four weeks away before the editing stages start. Also, my father has begun designing my book cover. And yes, he is a professional illustrator.

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