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Writing #Update Aug 10 2022

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

So, how far along am I on my way to becoming a published author? First, let's check out my current writing status.

What Have I Written So Far?

I have finished the first edit of my novel. Only to find that the entire ending needed to be scrapped. So after making that change, I began my second edit, which I am currently working on.

Current word count: 68 000

Chapter count: 18

Where Am I In The Story?

I finished the second edit of Chapter 18 this morning. The characters are becoming more lovable. The stakes have been shifted and have become higher. Not only is the enemy after the main character, but also the entire planet. However, even with newly found confidence, there is nothing they can do to stop them, or is there?

What's Left?

Based on a partially educated guess, I have seven more chapters to write and edit before I can move on to Alfa readers and Developmental Editing. I am both very excited and horrified to write the ending finally. Where will the characters take me? Will there be a fight? A loss? Not even I know where this story is going, and I can't wait to figure out more.

Overall, I do have a substantial amount of editing and feedback rounds left before I can be published. However, I am more motivated than ever and will stay on my course and hope to publish in March 2023.


Did you like this little writer's summary? Would you like to see more? Please interact with this post, so I know you would like to read more. And Please ask if you have any questions for me and my novel, and I will try to answer them in my following writers' update.

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