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Debut Novel #Update August 25

Updated: Jan 16

It's been a while.

I visited my family in Norway and England, celebrated my marriage with my incredible husband, and focused on mental health. It took a while, but now I am back and with vengeance. No, not really vengeance, but with renewed focus and purpose.

During my book break, I realized a few things. First, my pitches to agents weren't working. Second, I was unsure about some parts of my novel plot-wise. Third, I felt it read clunky. This is what I did.

Debut Novel, as of Now

Regarding my book pitches, I realized that, although I am a great storyteller, I have much to learn about marketing. I thought writing my book would be hard. I was wrong. Compiling it into a short, catchy blurb has been a damn journey. Which meant I shelved my pitches. At least until I have cracked this code called a Query Letter.

Don't worry; I am not giving up, just changing my strategy.

Then, it came to the book itself. I realized it needed more editing. This time, with fewer plot changes and more line editing. I had been so focused on the plot and the whole that I forgot the flow (See what I did there?). So, I have been going paragraph by paragraph, line by line, and referred to the Hemingway editor for sentence length. This has improved the novel a lot. I am not done, so until then, I will not be querying.

I hope to be ready for a proofreader in September. Then, start a new round of queries. If that round doesn't stick, I will self-publish.

Book 2

As of today, I have written a couple of chapters in the follow-up novel of my debut. It is coming together nicely. It will be super exciting to see where it takes me. I know there will be some great character development and cool space scenes. Of course, I can't spoil anything, but I believe it will be one hell of a journey.

Thank you again for reading my blogs and staying up to date on my projects. Soon, I will be able to share more with you, and I am very excited about that day.

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