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Debut Novel #Update Oct 20

Updated: Jan 16

Writing a story is truly a journey. [WIP stands for Work In Progress.]

Autumn is a busy time. Friday 13th was this October, but I am still on track with my writing goals.

Debut Novel - Book 1 in the series

This is it! This is the month I will finish the last line edits. I am five chapters away, and the novel is now at 106k words. Not only that, I actually feel good about it. I feel it is well thought out, structured, and the writing flows. Not to mention the epic scenes that make you feel like you are a part of the action.

I am excited to pitch it to agents again in the coming weeks. I will keep you updated as the pitching starts. I know I might not find an agent, but I definitely won't succeed if I don't try.

PS: I will soon share the first chapter of my debut for FREE in my newsletter. Join HERE if you want first access and updates.

Book 2 in the series

I have decided to put this book on a well-deserved break. Before I continue writing the first draft, I have some decisions about the plot, POV, and the following books.

During that tinkering period and break, I will continue to pitch my debut and also join NaNoWriMO. It is a challenge to finish a book's first draft in one month. In November. Since I am still working on the plot for Book 2 in the series, I figured I would give another book idea the light of day. But I need help.


- Help me pick the book to write!

If you want to learn more about NaNoWriMO, click HERE.

Idea 1:

Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi

"In a dystopian world where people have been turned into psychopaths after a virus, a lonely narcissist finds a child of hope, but should he kill it or find a cure?"

Think: The Last of Us meets The Serial Killer Podcast.

Idea 2:

Genre: Urban Fantasy

"When a dream eater steals the last memory of an Alzheimer patient, she doesn’t know it’s the mother of an assassin who can read minds. When he comes to get his revenge, he finds a memory in the dream eater’s mind that might solve the murder of his sister."

Think: John Wick meets Fantasy.

Idea 3:

Genre: Fantasy Romance

"When a girl’s brother is killed in battle, she disguises herself as a boy to join the magic war, but when she meets a kind and peaceful healer during an undercover mission, she must choose between love and revenge. But will he still love her when he learns that the man she wants to kill is his brother?"

Think: Romeo and Juliet retelling meet Mulan in a WW2 setting, with magic.

Please respond in the Poll below for your answer. I appreciate it and will keep you updated on the process and challenge moving forward.

Which Idea Should I Pick?

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  • Idea 3

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