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Debut Novel #Update Nov 29

Updated: Jan 16

2024 will be the year.

My love for writing is only growing, and I can't believe how far I have come.

Debut Novel - Book 1 in the series

I have decided to self-publish. After months of seeking agent representation, it came to a point where I had to ask myself, what do I want? I could keep pitching and hope that someone will see how great my story is in a few paragraphs, or I can publish it and let you tell me what you think about my novel.

I know it is good. It might not be the best-selling category in the market right now. But I know it is a fun book—an epic adventure. So, as of yesterday, I have started preparing to self-publish my debut in 2024. I will share the publishing date as soon as I set it. First off, polish the manuscript and get a book cover.

Then, I start the elaborate road to publishing my debut. During this time, I will probably ask you guys to help me pick a book cover, which I am very excited about.

I will post more about my self-publishing journey here and on my other socials as 2024 rolls in.

Book 2 in the series

I will take up Book 2 in the series as soon as I feel comfortable on my time with publishing my debut. However, I am beginning to be excited about the project again, so I will most likely continue writing book 2 very soon.


I reached my goal of writing 50000 words. I finished an entire first draft of a book and started another project that I will pause while focusing on my debut. No matter what came out of it, I learned that I could finish writing an entire book in 25 days if I pushed myself really hard.

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