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My Journey To Releasing My Debut Novel

Updated: Jan 16

It is official: I will publish my debut novel this year.

2023: What a Year

I flopped on my face plenty of times this year. By that, I mean that my expectations were neither realistic nor informed. When I wrote my YA sci-fi, I envisioned that once I finished writing the manuscript, I would send it off to agents and hope to get picked up. Don't get me wrong; I knew it probably wouldn't be. And I already planned to self-publish if the traditional route didn't. So, getting many reactions didn't surprise me. What surprised me was how much work it needed after I thought I was finished with my manuscript.

Keep in mind that my manuscript had gone through one round of alpha readers, one round with a developmental editor, and one round with beta readers—all very positive experiences. Not to mention my personal rounds of edits, plot changes, and edits. This is what I learned: My story is excellent, maybe a little too fast-paced for some, but overall, everyone loved the story itself and the characters. However, my writing style might be too straightforward or, as I have had to accept, too influenced by my Norwegian roots.

Summary: This year, I learned about my strengths and weaknesses as an author. I would like to call it my year of character development.

I think it is vital for artists to accept that we are not going to be the best at everything, and our projects will be better if we seek or hire help from people who are strong where we are weak. It can only get better that way. And so, I have sent my manuscript to a copy editor, and I know that when she is done, my manuscript will be incredible.

2024: The Year I Will Publish My Debut

This is my goal and plan for 2024.

I will do an OFFICIAL title reveal

It will be released in January or February. So keep your eyes open.

Blurb Release

Following that release, I will share the blurb with you, and you will get the chance to read the first three chapters before the book is for sale (for free) in my newsletter.

Book Cover Release

I hired an exceptional artist, Ethemos, to work on my book cover. She creates the most epic, colorful, and exciting concept art. She is a digital artist from France, and I am very excited to be working with her to create the most amazing book cover for my debut. As of today, I hope to share the cover with you in April.

Publishing Date

As of today, my debut novel will be published in May, but this is subject to change.


ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) will be available in March, with a limited edition book cover. So, if you are interested, keep up with my newsletter or blog. I will share more details on how to sign up soon.

Needless to say, I am extremely excited to get my novel out there and into your hands finally. And if you like an adventure, I think you will love it too.

Book 2: Update

I will start to write it in the first week of 2024. I hope to finish the first draft in time for edit by May.

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