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Debut Novel #Update Apr 4

Updated: Jan 16

The End Is Near.

What Have I Written So Far?

At the time I wrote this blog, my debut was 111000 words long.

Did I expect it to become this big? No. Do I think it is all necessary content? Yes. But it remains to be seen if I actually should keep it all. That will be down to the next round of edits. Which I am very excited about.

Where Am I In The Process?

I am currently editing the last chapters of this round of edits. And it is amazing. The story is really coming together. The characters, everything that I could hope for, are finally becoming a reality.

Is it an exciting story? Yes, I really think so. However, it remains to be seen from your eyes. What is even more exciting is that I will soon be able to share my novel with you.

What's Next?

The next step is to finalize this round of edits, and then, you guessed it, I will reach out to Beta Readers. If you want to be one of the first to read my novel, keep your eye out for updates on my blog or check the link tree in my bio on my social media platforms.

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Maxim Viskov
Maxim Viskov
Jul 29, 2023

Damn, you draw very cool. I think I should learn from you. It would be cool if you recorded a video lesson about what you use and what tools you use. I used to draw only on paper. You can use these apps to record videos

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