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Debut Novel #Update Mar 1

Updated: Jan 16

Still editing, still polishing, and getting super excited about the final product.

What Have I Written So Far?

Since the last update, the first six chapters became eight as I rewrote the entire beginning of the novel.

The reasons were many; my writing style had changed, the plot needed a revision, and the characters had grown in complexity.

It was a difficult choice to make, but I am really happy I did it.

Where Am I In The Process?

I am in the last stretch of editing a now 106000-word manuscript. I am hoping to get through most of the serious editing, like tying plot points together and matching character descriptions, by the end of next week.

I also visited my first writing group at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore last Sunday. If you haven't been to anything like it and you are writing a story of your own, I would highly recommend finding a group. I walked away with new insight that I know will help my book.

Some of this feedback was related to name tags, info dumps, and word echoes. Which I thought I had been good with, but they caught the ones I would have overlooked.

What's Next?

Next up is another round of editing. However, instead of editing on my computer, I will print the entire manuscript out and read it out loud to myself. I am excited about this part. It means I get to read my own book as a whole. It also means I get to use my new pastel-colored markers. I am a sucker for office supplies.

Then, comes the Beta reader round

Would you want to be a BETA reader? Sign up to my newsletter.

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