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Debut Novel #Update May 4

Updated: Jan 16

No Risk, No Reward (May The Fourth Be With You)

Book News!

My debut is officially at my Beta readers, and I can't wait to hear what they think. While I am waiting, I am working on my query. It entails writing a short bio, a log line, a compline, and, worst of all, the hook/blurb. I didn't realize how hard it is to write a blurb. How do you comprise 110000 words into 130 words that make sense and hold your attention? Please tell me if you know how.

On a side note, I commissioned another art piece for my novel. I find that seeing what I have envisioned is incredibly motivating and, I hope, intriguing for anyone who would want to read my book. I am very excited to see how it turns out.

Personal News!

I made a choice today that was scary. I quit my job. It was only a matter of time until I had to. My position changed, the work was heartless, and I was drained every evening after my shift. The only reason I could quit is because I am privileged. Still, my current stability does not mean I will be fine next year or in six months. It is that uncertainty that kept me there. Held me down and shackled me to the expected, to the norm.

Don’t get me wrong, we should aim to work to be comfortable in our life, but we should also take chances when not taking the opportunity does more harm than good.

Now, I get to put all of my energy into the one job I want to do. The one thing that I aim to do. And that is to write books. To take people on adventures. Give people a momentary break from a dull week or add some flavor to teatime.

And maybe during my journey, I will find some comfort again, some stability. But for now, I am swinging head-first into the unpredictable field of uncertainty. At least I have you to cheer me on and keep me on the straight and narrow.

What's Next?

Hard work and patience. Next week I will receive my Beta feedback, and when I do, it is time to hunker down and finish my very last changes in the novel. I have promised myself I don't get to edit after this level, or my book will never be finished.

A great friend told me: "There is always something that can be improved, always some detail that has been missed, but if you try to make a book perfect, you will never publish."

And I think that is the hardest part about being an author: letting your novel go. To know when it is ready. Especially when you are a novice, a trainee, a fledgling. Eventually, you must throw it into the world and hope it flies.

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