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A New Year with New Goals

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

A way to success. It is January 5th, and I am writing my task list.

Setting Goals

With a background in Behavior Analysis and a history of procrastination, I can confidently say that without goals, I get very little done. So little that the only thing I can think about is how little I have done, which makes me depressed and drains me of any leftover energy to get anything done. And so it spirals, and in the end, I do nothing.

This is why at the start of every week and every day, every month, and every year I write goals.

And to make everything perfectly clear. Writing a goal is a guideline, and sometimes goals are unrealistic; if you do not do what you have aimed to do, that is perfectly okay. However, having a goal to focus on can make it easier to reach it. And so I have written my goals for this year.

My Goals

I write my goals in two ways. Large goals and small goals. A large goal is what I dream of accomplishing. This year my large goals are:

  • Get an agent

  • Get a book cover I love

  • Publish my debut novel

  • Travel to new places

Some of these goals may be possible, and some may not, but by having these goals, I can aim high and land higher than I would if I didn't try. My small goals are more attainable and aimed to help me reach my larger goals. This year my smaller goals are:

  • Write down my goals

  • Do one thing, however small, for my books every day.

  • Look at artists

  • Read sci-fi books

  • Ask for help

  • Find places to travel

On these goals, I don't have to do any of these, but if I do, they will lead me to the bigger goals I have.

How to Succeed With Your Goals

Don't focus on your goals! They should not be an obsession, they should be a reminder. The problem with goal setting is, what if I can't reach my goal? What if I fail?

To succeed is to accept that it is ok to fail. To fail at a goal is to succeed. If you work towards a goal and you fail, you are already so much further from where you started. That is success.

I hope to reach my larger goals this year, but if I don't, I will try the next year again, but I know I will be closer to my goals than I am now, and that makes me excited.

This year I will share my biggest news in my newsletter, so if you want to see if I reach any of my goals, please subscribe.

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