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Writing #Update Aug 24 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I have exciting news!

What Have I Written So Far?

I am working on the last edit before sending it to a Developmental Editor.

Current word count: 74 000

Chapter count: 22

Where Am I In The Story?

I am working on the end of Chapter 22. The main character is faced with forgotten memories and impossible tasks. However, there is no other way but for her to succeed. She has to face herself and some of her worst fears to do so. Can she do it? Or is she doomed to fail again?

What's Left?

We are reaching the climax of the story and the end. I have new ideas for twists in the ending I think will add more trauma to the reader. I haven't decided to add them yet. I will see what happens when I get there.

Overall, I believe I have around eight more chapters to write or more.

Exciting News

Now to the fantastic news. I have signed a contract with the Developmental Editor of my dreams.

However, I almost didn't get her. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions as I queried editors. I had a few positive responses from editors who wanted to work with me, but it felt wrong. Then, an offer I had sent was declined, and the following description of why made me doubt myself.

It was an honest response and excellent feedback. But it made me realize that I was further behind on my process than I thought. I almost decided to stop my search for an editor. Maybe it was too early? Perhaps it wasn't good enough yet?

Then, I got an email. It was from the person I had hoped to work with. Not only have I given myself more time to finish my manuscript before sending it off, but I have also found someone who will do it justice once it does reach the developmental editing stage.

Writing is definitely a journey.

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Too excited for this!!! ♥

Rebekka Strand
Rebekka Strand
Aug 24, 2022
Replying to

Me too!!

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