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“Teenage angst, high stakes competition, an unspoken thing, and running from the bad guys… This is a great adventure sci-fi.”

– Deana VanCura

The book cover of Shattered Ice, a YA Sci-Fi Action Adventure

“I could not put the book down from the moment I started it. It’s fast-paced and full of action from the get-go.”

– Meli CousinReads








An illness is spreading across the stars.


A girl's blood reveals a secret—a genetic code sought for centuries.


Eighteen-year-old Kaia is not like her father, a hard-working miner – she’s an adrenaline junkie. A trait that has gotten her in a fair share of trouble in the glacier town.


When a company of healers arrives in her town after a horrible mining accident, Kaia is forced to flee the only place she has ever known. Hunted, Kaia must enter a deadly iceboarding contest to escape. But as the contest grows closer, Kaia discovers that nothing is what it seems—her dad, her best friend, her home, and worst of all, herself.

Leila Lottering (Amazon)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Could NOT put it down!
This MIGHT contain *SPOILERS*

I absolutely love science fiction. Dystopian. Give it to me. Adventure. Give it to me. This had me hooked in the very best way, in the way that tore my heart open for Kaia. Kaia deserves the world. The entire world. Katniss who?! Because that’s how I feel about her and I truly can not wait for her true story and strength to unfold. This feels like the beginning of the rest of her life for me.

The fact that we saw her grow and start from “nothing”. Made me kick and screen and jump up and down when she finally achieved what she was aiming to do. I literally screamed a couple times to make my husband listen to me haha.
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About the Novel

“When your reality consists of surviving the cold and seeking the next meal, one does not ponder what lies above.”

This YA Science Fiction Adventure will bring you into the copper cities and ice-carved towns built under the surface of Eirlys—the uninhabitable planet on the galaxy's edge. But even at the rims of stars and asteroid belts, one cannot escape one's fate.

A woman watching a city built into a cave under the ice.  The image is from the Science Fiction Novel Shattered Ice.

Content Warning

Shattered Ice is a Fictional Action Adventure about a female character who is forced to flee an unknown adversary while learning about herself and her past. While fast-paced and exciting, the story might include elements that might not be suitable for some readers. Mentioned death/illness to a parent, mentions of self-harm and suicidal thoughts (past, off-page), reference to abuse by an ill parent (past, off-page), violence toward fictional animals and robots, and graphic violence are present in the novel. Readers who may be sensitive to these elements, please take note.

Please take note.

Shattered Ice is a novel inspired by both Scandinavian and Sámi culture. As a Norwegian, I must preface that I am not the right person to write a Sámi story, but I believe a Nordic-inspired world cannot be true to its roots if it does not also highlight the Sámi. Please take some time to learn about their culture and history here:

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