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Unveiling the Blurb of Shattered Ice

Updated: Mar 4

It's happening. Things are becoming real and not just a part of my imagination.

Image: the Limited edition ARC cover, NOT the OFFICIAL cover.



An illness is spreading across the stars.


A girl's blood reveals a secret—a genetic code sought for centuries.


Eighteen-year-old Kaia is not like her father, a hard-working miner – she’s an adrenaline junkie. A trait that has gotten her in a fair share of trouble in the glacier town.


When a company of healers arrives in her town after a horrible mining accident, Kaia is forced to flee the only place she has ever known. Hunted, Kaia must enter a deadly iceboarding contest to escape. But as the contest grows closer, Kaia discovers that nothing is what it seems—her dad, her best friend, her home, and worst of all, herself.


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